Project/Bachelor Thesis: Literature Review: Wiping damage in journal bearings What is wiping? How to model wiping? How often do ship propulsion bearings experience wiping?

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The Institute of Machine Elements and System Engineering researches the fundamental structural and tribological behavior of machine elements and represents them in experimentally validated model descriptions. These model descriptions are used to analyze and design the functional, loss and noise behavior of entire technical systems with a focus on drive technology. The developed models are also used to research and develop methods of Model Based Systems Engineering as a central element of future inductive product development processes.
According the ship classification society DNV GL, wiping damages are the most frequently reported damages in journal bearings of ship prolusion systems. Wiping can lead to catastrophic bearing failure and thus breakdown of the entire ship propulsion. Yet, there are no clear statistics on causes and occurrence frequency of wiping damages in ships.
This work therefore focuses on a literature-based evaluation of the causes and model approaches for bearing damages mechanism wiping with the focus on ship propulsion systems.


  • Literature review of the damage mechanism wiping in journal bearings with the focus of ship propulsion systems
    1. Definition of the damage mechanism ‘wiping’ in tribological terms.
    2. Identification of state-of-the-art model approaches to predict wiping damages in journal bearings.
    3. Evaluation of wiping as a main damage mechanism in ship propulsion bearings.
    4. Identification of gap in current research and systematic presentation of the research potential.


  • Independence and reliability
  • English skills: fluent
  • Previous knowledge in MS Office
  • Interest in bearing technology

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