Due to the Corona-Crisis, we are more limited and we get more inquiries than usual. To counter this challenge, we have adapted our consultation to be able to answer your questions efficiently and by the correct contact person. Here, you will find the ways you will still be able to contact us:

  • Write us via our contact form or contact the specific contact person for your question (below). For general questions (for example oral exam reports), write us via fsmb@rwth-aachen.de.
    • For oral exam reports, first check here if your report is available.
  • During our consultation hours (Tuesday and Thursday, 1PM to 2PM), you can call us via our regular phone number (+49 241 80 95308). We are able to answer your calls from home.
  • WhatsApp: Because WhatsApp is installed on our tablet and is only processed by one person, processing your messages may take longer than usual. You can reach us at 0241 80 95308. To get a quicker response from the right person, please email us, see above.
  • Instagram Direct: Instagram is mainly processed by one person, so your message may take longer than usual to process. To get a quicker response from the right person, send us an e-mail, see above.

The following ways of communication will not be available:

  • Personal Consultation: The student council ist closed for our active members as well, so you will not be able to meet anyone there.
  • Facebook: To answer your questions efficiently, we will not answer questions via Facebook. You will recieve an automatic response.

We kindly ask you for your understanding of these measures! Stay healthy!

Your Mechanical Engineering Student Council

Hey Maschi, we have something new for you!

Every day we receive great offers for jobs, internships, theses and internships. After the failure of our mailing lists we missed the opportunity to share these offers with you. Therefore we have now launched a new job portal for you.

This job portal does not require mailing lists and is located here on our website. Click on the button to get to the page. Without detours you can also access the job portal via fsmb.eu/jobs.

There you have the possibility to sort the offers for you.

Companies and institutes can independently publish offers on this portal, which are moderated by us.

Of course there are not so many offers online in the beginning, but there will be more soon.

We wish you much fun and success in your job search Your favorite student council