Hey Maschi!

on 18th of March at 19 o’clock in the students council, Augustinerbach 6, third floor, the WG Master’s Freshmen takes place. We want to give the Master’s students who are new to us at the university a good start in their studies and give them the opportunity to make new contacts right at the beginning. The whole thing takes place on a much smaller scale than the first semester in the winter semester, as there are far fewer people. We need your help to organize the events (such as a lecture, barbecue, pub crawl, etc.) during this freshman semester.

You want to help us prepare? Then come over! We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards, Your favorite student council 😉

Hey Maschi, we are still looking for someone or a team to organize the Master Freshman’s week. This is an opportunity to get to know the student council work at a smaller event and to take responsibility.

In general, you aren’t on your own when it comes to planning and execution, there are many other students in the student council who have already planned the master’s period or took part in it. There is a network of about 50 active members, who are always happy to take on shifts or help you if time is tide. Furthermore, there are packing lists and shopping lists from the last years, which you can fall back on.

The master’s freshman’s week takes place in the first week of upcoming semester. (06.04.2020-09.04.2020) The Friday is a holiday this year due to Easter.

  • General
    • All Events are aimed at students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree at another university and come to us for the Master’s degree.
    • Students should get to know our structures (RWTHonline, Moodle, faculty, student council), university, city and find new friends
    • Inform others that it is taking place -> Send email about the faculty, Instagram, Homepage, Facebook

Example week:

  1. Day: Introduction and project day (e.g. 15-17 h) followed by a barbecue
    • Coordination with the deanery
    • Book a small lecture hall (approx. 50-70 persons), e.g. main building (I, II or III)
    • Organize presentations (older FSler) / adapt presentations further
    • Take master information booklet with you
    • Book Platanen platz or Karman-Courtyard for barbecue
    • Helper schedules for barbecue, (set up/disassemble, barbecue)
  1. Day: Scavenger hunt + pizza + pub crawl (optional, and variable)
    • Cut last year’s route in half
    • Search for tutors for the scavenger hunt (about 3 teams)
    • Order / pick up Pizza
    • Request pubs (2-3 routes) with common end e.g. at home
  1. Day: Games evening ( used to be always on Sunday)
    • Get drinks and snacks
    • Bring in the games box from the student council up

There was also a suggestion to organize tours of the institute. You can also bring in your own ideas and try out new concepts instead of one of the examples in this email. The student council always invites people to workshops for such events, so that those responsible can get feedback on their ideas and include other ideas from interested parties. 

Are you interested in taking over the overall organization or just for one day? Then get in touch with us.

Freshmen Weekend

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