Thesis/Internship: Study into corrugated cardboard behaviour related to packaging machines

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The Ranpak packaging machine Cut’it EVO automatically reduces the height of corrugated cardboard boxes in accordance to their filling and seals them with a lid. This reduces the volume of packaging for transport, thus reducing the ecological footprint of each box during transportation.

These machines have to perform many operations on those boxes, e.g. cutting, creasing, folding. To reliably perform these tasks, material properties and behaviour of corrugated cardboard need to be known. Corrugated board is a natural material. This makes prediction of material behaviour complex and challenging: characteristics heavily depend on external influences like moisture content, temperature, and internal composition like the amount of recycled content, paper grammage and more.

A deeper understanding of corrugated board behaviour is needed for the design of new and improved automation machines.


At Ranpak, we create innovative solutions for protective packaging of products in ways that benefit businesses, customers and the environment. We are a global provider of environmentally sustainable, systems-based solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains. We supply our customers with product protection solution via our paper converters and automation machines.

Project details

The goal of the project is to expand knowledge on corrugated cardboard and its properties at Ranpak to improve prediction of its behaviour. A solid characterization of the material in relation to application and machine design will be your focus. Thus, your tasks will include:

·         Literature research to determine the relevant material properties

·         Derive and design tests to determine those properties

·         Conduct these tests and analyse the results

This project is suited for students about to finish their Bachelor programme or are at the beginning of their Master programme. The designated time frame are 3-4 months and an immediate start is possible.

You are an engineering or material science student and want to learn more about the packaging industry, cardboard and machine design while collaborating with experienced R&D engineers within an international environment? Then apply by sending your resume including cover letter to Han Welten.

You can help us to Deliver a better world!


Contact details  

Han Welten

Team Lead R&D

Heerlen, NL

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