KBR GmbH Technical Coordinator for ESA’s Exploration Medical Systems

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KBR Wyle GmbH

About Us:
KBR GmbH (Wyle GmbH) was established in October 2000 to provide requested human spaceflight medical support services to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Space Medicine Team (SMT) at the European Astronaut Center (EAC) in Cologne, Germany. Wyle GmbH specializes in biomedical engineering, space medicine, health care administration, psychology, nutrition, radiation, medical informatics and technology, fitness and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical education maintenance and capacity building, project/strategy/risk management, medical projects, and consulting support
services to aerospace, government and space life science/medical research customers. KBR GmbH’s
employees contribute to a wide range of important projects including astronaut selection and
training, medical operations for the International Space Station, and supporting the SMT of the
European Space Agency.

Purpose of the Job
The Technical Coordinator for ESA’s Exploration Medical Systems is the main project responsible, to
assure that each Exploration Medical System provided by ESA is successfully integrated into the
Artemis program. Coordination of all end-to-end services include all pre-, in-, and post-flight
activities, including, as required, market screening, pilot testing of candidate technologies,
supporting crew training, supporting in-flight technology demonstrations and provide data analyses
services, lessons learned and troubleshooting plans to elevate each of ESA’s Exploration Medical
Systems to TRL-9. In doing so, the Technical Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the entire
project from start to end (the “end” shall be defined as reaching TRL- 9: the system has become a
fully integrated operational system in the Artemis program). Depending on the maturity of the
system (COTS vs low TRL technologies in development), the Technical Coordinator shall be
responsible for writing SoW functional and performance requirements for new technology
developments, technology evolutions or modifications and space-modifications. Moreover, the
Technical Coordinator shall function as the central point of contact for all other ESA internal and
external stakeholders for all communication and information channels. The idea of implementing a
technical coordinator for each of ESA’s Exploration Medical Systems is based on principles used in
industry where lean and streamlined processes are essential to be competitive, agile, and fast.

Content of the Job
The Technical Coordinator shall be the coordinator for all technical content for each of ESA’s
Exploration Medical Systems as well as the interface with ESA management and ESA finance
controllers and ESA contract officers to assure that each Exploration Medical System is given
sufficient resources to assure successful implementation (i.e., reaching TRL-9 and successful
handover to end user entity). The following high-level responsibilities are included in the primary

• Determine the interdisciplinary project team and their roles and responsibilities
• Identify and analyze the project stakeholders and their needs including the main Points of
Contact (PoCs) within ESA and outside of ESA with whom to engage
• Develop a project plan, including timelines, milestones, and budgets in coordination with ESA
• Establish communication and reporting protocols with stakeholders and team members

• Assign team member roles and responsibilities for sub-projects

• Engage with other ESA directorates, research institutions, commercial companies, and Artemis
partner Agencies regarding project plans, reporting, timelines, deliverables, budgets, etc.
• Identify and mitigate potential risks and challenges
• Develop a project schedule and track progress against milestones
• Monitor and control project timelines, quality, and resources
• Evaluate project outcomes and identify areas for improvement
• Close the project and document lessons learned and complete hand over procedure

Background and Experience
The candidate should have a background in a life science discipline, a degree in biomedical
engineering or in medicine and have a minimum three years of professional experience in independent
project management of technical development. It is required that the candidate is experienced in
project management with outstanding analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. Fluency
and professional communication in English, and organizational skills are necessary. It is required
that the candidate can present findings and operational concepts both in written (scientific
reports, concepts of operations) and oral (internal meetings, international conferences, meetings
with ESA partner agencies) formats. It is essential for this job that the candidate can work
independently as a team leader, and to effortlessly integrate into a team whenever it is required.

Additional job requirements:
• Demonstrated skills and experience in project management
• Fluent language skills in English (written and spoken)
• High level of flexibility and positive attitude towards teamwork
• Proficiency in computer technology including Microsoft Office applications and strong analytical
and problem-solving skills
• Proficiency in qualitative and quantitative data processing and analysis
• Excellent scientific research and troubleshooting skills
• Candidate must be able to live and work in the Cologne/Bonn area close to the European Astronaut

Additional candidate assets:
• Knowledge of German and/or another ESA member state language is an asset
• Knowledge of space physiology and human spaceflight medical operations are an asset
• Knowledge of common physiological impacts to humans in space is an asset
• Experience in agile project management and performance is an asset.

KBR Wyle GmbH is looking forward to receiving your complete CV in English and motivation letter at

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