Bachelor- / Masterarbeit: Experimental determination of load distribution in the propeller-shaft plain bearings due to ice collisions.

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The Institute of Machine Elements and Systems Engineering researches the fundamental structural and tribological behavior of machine elements. Validated multi-body simulation models are a cost-effective alternative to experimental tests for investigating the effects of loads that occur on individual components within a powertrain system.

As a result of ongoing global warming, there is increasing number of contacts between the ship’s propellers and drifting ice, which is difficult to take into challenging to consider in the design of the propulsion system. The resulting loads in the propulsion system and can lead to unforeseen failures of the bearings.

Within the scope of this work, the influence of ice loads on damages occurring in the propeller-shaft bearings is therefore to be investigated.


  • Experimental investigation of the influence of propeller-ice collision on the loads of plain bearings in ship propulsion.
  • (Minor) modification of test rig design
  • Development of a test plan.
  • Conducting plain bearing tests based on the developed test plan.
  • Evaluation and assessment of the results concerning wear in the test bearings.


  • Independent and reliable work approach.
  • Experience and enthusiasm for experimental work.
  • Prior knowledge in Autodesk Inventor and Matlab is desirable.

We offer:

  • Participation in an international research project.
  • Flexibility in shaping the focus of work.
  • Intensive guidance.
  • Immediate start or as agreed upon.
  • Very pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Preparation of written Thesis in either English or German


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