Bachelor/Master Thesis: Hot or Not? – A model-based determination of tempera-ture fields in propeller shaft bearing during propeller-ice collisions.

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and design the functional, loss and noise behavior of entire technical systems with a focus on drive technology. The developed models are also used to research and develop methods of Model Based Systems Engineering as a central element of future inductive product development processes.

Due to the progressive climate change, new shipping routes open up in the polar regions. This leads to an increasing number of collisions between ship propellers and sea ice which results in high loads on the propeller. The influence of these loads on the propeller-shaft bearings is widely unknown. A common bearing damage in ships is the so called ‘wiping damage’. Here, the bearing material melts due to excessive heat development.

This work therefore focuses on the determination of the temperature fields in the bearings to answer the question: Do propeller-ice collisions cause wiping damage in the bearings of ships?


  • Literature review of temperature modelling for bearings
  • Modification of existing simulation model in AVL Excite to include thermal effects (TEHD)
  • Determination of resulting temperature fields in propeller shaft bearing for given Propeller-ice loads.
  • Evaluation of propeller-ice loads regarding wiping damage in the bearing


  • Independence and reliability
  • Interested in simulative work
  • Experience in Matlab beneficial
  • First experiences with simulation methods in mechanical engineering (e.g. FEM, MKS, CFD) beneficial

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  • Flexible work focus
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