Project work: Live lifetime calculation of an Offshore Crane Winch

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The Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering (IMSE) researches the fundamental structural and tribological behaviour of machine elements and represents it in experimentally validated model descriptions. These models are used to organize and analyse the behaviour of technical systems in terms of functionality, losses, and noise emissions with a focus on drive technology. The developed models also serve as basis for the research and development of methods of Model Based Systems Engineering which are central elements of future industrial product development processes.
Drivetrain failures in the open seas are very costly and time-consuming to fix, and for various offshore systems there exists no models to predict the future state of the system. Therefore, it is important to determine the current state of such systems using simulation models with globally available data as input (motor torque, wave height, carried weight, etc.) in order to predict their lifetime. Comprehensive models have been created in the institute which calculate the lifetime of AHC-activated offshore winch drivetrains, however some further analysis is needed.


  • Enabling live lifetime calculation of an offshore crane winch from input data on ship and payload movement on already available code.
  • Creation of a simple algorithm to update the lifetime results automatically.
  • Creation of an interactive interface to display the system lifetime, the most critical drivetrain components, etc.
  • Test code by connecting to signals from instruments.


  • Independence and reliability in work
  • Interest in reliability analysis
  • Knowledge in Matlab/Simulink required

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