Master Thesis: Function-oriented Modelling of Bearing Concepts in Helicopter Main Gearboxes

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The Institute of Machine Elements and System Engineering at RWTH Aachen University provides interdisciplinary research on a broad spectrum of current, future and industry-relevant issues. The Systems Engineering – Design Methodology department of the MSE deals with the development process of industrial products and gives the creative phase a systematic structure. This supports finding innovative solutions as well as the subsequent design implementation. Suitable methods and tools guarantee the technical and commercial applicability.
A trend in product development is model-based system engineering (MBSE), in which development takes place on the basis of a seamlessly linked system model. In the MoVerHu project, MBSE methods are applied to the systemic wear analysis of helicopter gearboxes and further developed. This application example results in new issues for modelling. In the context of this work, the issue is to be solved which maximum degree of decomposition is meaningful for the modelling of mechanical components, such as bearings, and how this can be defined.


  • Learning the software Cameo Systems Modeler
  • Developing a system model for a function-oriented description of the bearing concepts
  • Definition of development scenarios and deriving the requirements for modelling
  • Deriving a systematic for the decomposition of the functions and solutions of the bearing concepts
  • Deriving a definition for the lowest level of the decomposed system model
  • Prerequisites
  • Independent, reliable way of working
  • Interest in model-based system engineering
  • Previous knowledge of SysML and system modelling in the Cameo Systems Modeler is advantageous.

We provide

  • Flexible organization of main focus of work
  • Assignment can be completed in German and English
  • Intensive support and good working atmosphere
  • Working in home office possible


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