Master Thesis Simulation of low-pressure carburizing process and influence on the residual stresses in case-hardened sintered gears

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The project:

Sintered gears are characterized by their lightweight construction potential, high dimensional accuracy and overall cost-effective production route. The low-pressure carburizing (LPC) and gas quenching is a promising case hardening technology to drastically increase the load bearing capacity of the sintered gear. However, the know‑how for the process design of the heat treatment is of vital importance to achieve the optimized gear performance.


Several models for numerical simulation of LPC-processes already exist in the literature. In this work, an adequate approach will be selected to suit the specific aspects of LPC for sintered steels. The model should be integrated in the available simulation tools and used as an input for Finite-Element based simulation of the residual stresses after quenching and tempering.

The main influencing process variables on the hardness and residual stress depth profiles will be identified by means of simulative parameter studies. Carburizing experiments will be conducted at an industry partner to provide validation data.


  • Knowledge in materials science and steels
  • Interest for numerical methods and simulation
  • Motivation and reliability

We offer:

  • Highly relevant topic for industrial application in direct collaboration with a company abroad
  • The possibility to conduct or assist to the trial campaign in Sweden.
  • A full time PhD position in case of an excellent thesis completion


Valerian Iss M.Sc.

Tel.: +49 241 80 99546

Augustinerbach 4, Raum 208

52062 Aachen

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