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You will focus on the research and development of proton exchange membrane (PEM)
electrolyzers. Using advanced atomic force microscopy (AFM), you will analyze
membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), which are the core of the electrolyzer. This
allows the analysis of the nanoelectrical and nanomechanical properties of the catalyst
layers and provides insight into the ionomer and catalyst surface composition. The goal
is to detect and understand changes in the ionomer and catalyst particles caused by
degradation, and ultimately reduce degradation mechanisms in the future. This could
increase the durability of the cost intensive MEAs and contribute to a successful large
scale industrial application of PEM electrolysis.

Your tasks will include the following:
• Familiarization with and literature research on AFM and MEAs
• Performing and evaluating nanomechanical and nanoelectrical advanced atomic
force microscopy experiments
• Implementation of in-situ experiments in liquid or humid environment
• Correlation of results with data from other analytical methods (SEM,
nanoindentation,…) provided by colleagues
• Documentation of your work and results as part of your master thesis


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