raineeship program at the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

European Medicines Agency (EMA)

At the European Medicines Agency (EMA), we believe that great young minds add important value to our work. In return, they learn new skills and get a valuable work experience.

We run a yearly traineeship programme covering the areas of medicine regulation, life sciences, healthcare, chemistry, information technology, pharmaceutical law, human resources, finance, communications, public relations and library and information science. If you are a recent graduate (graduated between 01 May 2021 and 19 June 2022) or a university student on an Erasmus + or a similar programme or a PhD student, make sure to check our 42 various placement published at:


All placements are remunerated. Only nationals of the EU/EEA are eligible to apply.
Closing date 19 June 2022 23:59 CET, with intake date (1st day of contract) 1 October 2022. This year’s opportunities include:

Trainee (International Affairs)
Trainee (Accounting)
Trainee (HR Policy)
Trainee (Digital Workplace)
Trainee (Microsoft InTune)
Trainee (SharePoint)
Trainee (Information Processing and Analytics)
Trainee (Analytics Centre of Excellence)
Trainee (DigiLab)
Trainee (Business Pipeline)
Trainee (Early Point of Contact)
Trainee (Horizon Scanning)
Trainee (Medicines Shortages)
Trainee (Medical Devices)
Trainee (SMEs)
Trainee (Quality Assurance)
Trainee (Animal Welfare Measurement)
Trainee (VMR)
Trainee (Union Product Database)
Trainee (Clinical Trial Regulation)
Trainee (DARWIN EU)
Trainee (Data Analytics and Methods Taskforce)
Trainee (CHMP Support)
Trainee (Legal Affairs)
Trainee (Orphan Medicines)
Trainee (Scientific Advice)
Trainee (Regulatory Onboarding Programme)
Trainee (Procedures)
Trainee (Herbal Queries)
Trainee (Committees Secretariat Onboarding)
Trainee (Inspections)
Trainee (Pharmaceutical Quality)
Trainee (IMM)
Trainee (Vaccines)
Trainee (Therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders)
Trainee (InfoCentre)
Trainee (Social Media)
Trainee (Stakeholder Engagement)
Trainee (Emerging Health Threats)
Trainee (Audit)
Trainee (Legal Affairs)
Trainee (Building Energy Consumption)

More information regarding the traineeship program can be found on our Careers website through this link: https://careers.ema.europa.eu/content/Traineeship/?locale=en_GB

Um dich für diesen Job zu bewerben, besuche bitte careers.ema.europa.eu.