Project: Research project – Suitable wind turbines for the implementation of main bearing units with plain bearings in the 5 MW range

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The Chair for Wind Power Drives researches the behaviour of drive trains of modern multi-megawatt wind turbines (WT). The research goals are to increase the availability, robustness and energy efficiency of wind turbines and to reduce the levelized cost of electricity. To this end, software development tools and modern system test benches are used in combination.
Current WT exclusively use roller bearings as their main bearings. However, in the event of failure, these cause high repair costs. For this reason, intensive research is being conducted regarding the use of plain bearings as the main bearing of wind turbines. Among other things, these enable the replacement of individual bearing segments, which significantly reduces repair costs in the event of failure.
Therefore, a plain bearing main bearing unit in a relevant size range (5 MW) is to be developed at the CWD.
This work therefore aims to provide an overview of relevant turbines and subsequently evaluate them with regard to their basic suitability for the use of main bearing units with plain bearings.


  • Familiarisation with the topic of wind turbines/ plain bearings
  • Research on turbine models
  • Research on relevant influencing factors on WT main bearing units
  • Development of an evaluation scheme
  • Evaluation and selection of a suitable turbine model und


  • Independent and reliable working manner
  • Interest in the subject matterAbility to communicate and work in a team

What we offer:

  • Flexible working hours in a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team
  • Pleasant working atmosphere and intensive support


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