Master thesis: Simulation methodology for identification of wear-critical operating conditions of plain bearings in wind turbines

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The Chair for Wind Power Drives researches the behaviour of drive systems in modern multi-megawatt wind turbines. The research objectives are to increase the availability, robustness and energy efficiency of wind turbines and to reduce the energy costs. For this experiment’s with software simulation tools and modern test benches are combined.
The usage of journal bearings as planetary gear bearings in wind turbines instead of rolling bearings is advantageous regarding the power density of the drive train. However, this innovative technology presents a challenge since there is currently no standardized approach for the wear-safe design of the planetary bearing. Wind turbines operate under dynamic conditions. Besides these dynamic operating characteristics planetary bearings experience high loads under low-speed static operating conditions, which are suspected to be critical for the journal bearing wear and therefore must be considered in the design process of the bearing.
Therefore, a method to define critical operating conditions using simulation tools should be created. Due to the amount of operating conditions, methods should be implemented to reduce the calculation effort.


  • Research the state of the art of wind turbine drives and journal bearings.
  • Creation of simulation models (MBS, EHD) of a wind turbine drive train.
  • Develop a method to define critical operating conditions, including measurements to reduce the calculation effort.

Your profile:

  • Very independent and reliable way of working
  • High interest in wind energy, drive technology and interdisciplinary issues along with a high level of commitment
  • Previous knowledge of wind turbine drive trains and simulation is advantageous, but not essential

What We Offer:

  • A master’s thesis with industry-related topics and clear relevance, as well as the opportunity to help shape a climate-neutral future
  • Intensive support in a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team with a very good working atmosphere
  • Possibility that parts of the thesis will be published
  • Direct start possible


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