Here you will not only get to know the Rector and the Dean, but you will also be assigned your long-awaited tutor group. Besides the greetings of some of the greats of our university, we will welcome you with a funny and entertaining live event.


We have again started a collective order for coveralls. As with the last collective order you have the chance to order an overall for 17 Euro. The overalls should arrive before the next initial period, so that you can wear them as a tutor. The collective order is open until 19 October. All further information and size descriptions can be found in the registration form.
The collective order form can be found here.
If you have any further questions about the overalls and patches, please feel free to contact
This year there will be eight new patches:
  • WirtIng Patch
  • Mechanical Engineering Patch
  • CES Patch
  • 2020 Patch
  • Golden Tutor Patch
  • Henning Rocks
  • Henning’s bird house
  • Henning’s photo contest
We award the “golden Tutor Patch” (free of charge) to tutors who have helped for the third time as a tutor in the first week.
In addition, we currently have the following patches on sale:
  • Big FSMB Patch
  • 2019 Patch
  • Maschi-Party ’19 Patch
  • Thermodynamics Patch
  • Uni-Cup’19 Patch
  • Aachen Steelers Patch
You can earn more patches at various student council activities. You can also buy patches privately.

Hey Maschi,

Valentine’s Day is the day you spend with your loved ones. Since we Maschis have nothing to warm us up inside except a checked shirt and DIN standards, the Mechanical Engineering Student Council invites you to an intimate pub crawl on Friday 14.02.20 from 18:30. (Remember: beer -> caloric value -> heat -> love) You want to come along? Register without obligation until 12.02.20 under the following link: