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Overall bulk order

Just in time for the first time we have started another collective order for coveralls. As with the last collective order you have the chance to order an overall for 17 Euro. The collective order is open until November 15th. All further information and size descriptions can be found in the registration form.

The bulk order form can be found here.

If you have any further questions regarding the overalls and patches, please feel free to contact aufnaeher@fsmb.rwth-aachen.de.

This year there are eight new patches:

WirtIng Patch
Mechanical Engineering Patch
CES Patch
2020 Patch
Golden Tutor Patch
Henning Rocks
Henning’s bird house
Henning’s photo contest
We award the “golden Tutor Patch” (free of charge) to tutors who have helped for the third time as a tutor in the first week.

In addition, we currently have the following patches on sale:

Big FSMB Patch
2019 Patch
Maschi-Party ’19 Patch
Thermodynamics Patch
Uni-Cup’19 Patch
Aachen Steelers Patch
You can earn more patches at various student council activities. You can also buy various patches privately – or design your own.